Day 1 (Tech Day) Recap

22 November 2022 

The AFRINIC Members Connect Meeting kickstarted on 22 November 2022 with Mr James Chirwa, Head of Member Services at AFRINIC, giving the opening speech. Mr Chirwa spoke on the need for a more robust engagement, collaboration and team spirit, which cannot be overstated if Africa is to create a future where the Internet is for the good of its citizens, shaped by diversity, innovation and inclusion. 

Day 2 (Tech Day) Recap

23 November 2022

The AFRINIC Members Connect continued for our members with another series of insightful presentations on the second day of activity.

Abiade Dosomnu started with a presentation on the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework. Organizations today use several tools and services to migrate their workloads to the cloud. However, without a cloud transformational plan, moving workloads from on-prem to the cloud might not provide all the benefits of moving to the cloud. Abiade Dosunmu walked us through the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework AWS CAF which addresses these gaps.  

Day 3 AFRINIC Day Recap

24 November 2022

The Members Connect came to an end today, and we were happy to welcome 215 participants during the event.

The Day kickstarted with a presentation on cybersecurity, "Cybersecurity, everywhere we need it." by Harisson Mwashuma. The presentation highlighted the various initiatives by Fortinet focused on protecting corporations around the world through cybersecurity training programs and several initiatives on innovating for a safe Internet, respecting the environment and promoting responsible business.