About the event

About Members Connect

As part of its Jenga initiative, AFRINIC is organising the “AFRINIC Members Connect” from 22 to 24 November 2022.  The Members Connect will bring together people from AFRINIC’s membership to discuss opportunities and ways to improve Internet in AFRINIC’s service region. This event will offer a forum where members share their experience on building and running networks all over the continent, participants will be able to learn how to apply best practices and also network with other peers. The ultimate outcome is to provide a resilient, secure and ever available Internet for the digital growth of Africa’s economies.

Discussion may in include the following Topic:
Cloud computing IPv6 Industry 4.0 Green Internet Peering Internet traffic exchange, IXPs Internet Measurements Artificial Intelligence Internet Governance The future of Internet technology in AfricaOpen Internet in AfricaNetwork data security and management , attack mitigationDNSRPKI

Key Questions

The AFRINIC Members Connect will provide

a platform for delegates to deliberate and address the following  key questions:

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What strategies can we use to deepen awareness across the continent of the urgent need to deploy IPv6 and other mature technologies for a better Internet for all?

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How do we improve the multi-stakeholder dialogue between governments, regulators, network operators and Internet users to harness the power of the Internet and improve education, health care, business and social development in the region?

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How do we provide affordable, always-on Internet access to all Africans to support their day to day activities?

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How to build and maintain a resilient and scalable Internet in the region with the participation of all stakeholders in our ecosystem?

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How can we improve and expand Internet infrastructure to ensure low cost, resilient and secure Internet access?

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How can we keep our networks safe from cyber attacks and outages?

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How can we harness the power of the Internet to reduce poverty and ensure prosperity for all?

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How to encourage and diversify local content creation as well as keeping our traffic local?

Structure and sessions

The AFRINIC Members Connect will have numerous opportunities for knowledge, idea and skills sharing, discussions, debates and networking. The event will be held in both English and French and will have the following sessions and activities:

Discussions on ICT related issues in Africa



Keynote Presentations

Consultation meetings,  focus groups, and  roundtables

Technical presentations