Zoom Translations

Zoom Speaker Requirements

  • All speakers must select the language channel they will speak in (otherwise, it causes feedback)
  • Please mute when you're not speaking
  • Please use a headset microphone
  • If speaking, please join from a quiet location so the interpreters can hear you clearly
  • Please speak clearly and at a reasonable pace for accurate interpretation
  • Please mute all notification sounds and mute all other devices

Selection a language in Zoom

Alt Text

Click icon in the Zoom toolbar

Speakers must select the language they desire to speak and listen to.

Alt Text

Select desired language

Once a participant has selected a language channel, they will hear the interpretation in that language or sound from other speakers speaking into that channel.

Alt Text

Mute/Unmute original Audio

There is an option to "Mute Original Audio". The “OriginalAudio" refers to the audio signal from the other language channel or floor. For example, when on the English Channel, you will hear the foreign language at a lower volume and English at a higher volume. By selecting "Mute Original Audio," the participant will only hear the sound in their selected language.


  • If a participant fails to choose the language they will speak, all participants must unmute the original audio.
  • If a participant will listen to one language but speak another, they must switch their language selection in Zoom.