Day 3 AFRINIC Day Recap

24 November 2022

The Members Connect came to an end today, and we were happy to welcome 215 participants during the event.

The Day kickstarted with a presentation on cybersecurity, "Cybersecurity, everywhere we need it." by Harisson Mwashuma. The presentation highlighted the various initiatives by Fortinet focused on protecting corporations around the world through cybersecurity training programs and several initiatives on innovating for a safe Internet, respecting the environment and promoting responsible business.

The video of this presentation is available here.

The session slides are also available here.


Mr Jean-François Ahranda from ST Digital shared his success story as a Member hosting Cloud services with the audience. Mr Ahranda stated that despite the challenges, AFRINIC did not stop supporting ST Digital in its endeavours. He mentioned how AFRINIC provided support to his team for the deployment of resources allocated to his organisation.

The video of this session is available here


The final session had AFRINIC staff present updates on AFRINIC activities and key achievements from the Member Services, Policy Development, IT and Infrastructure, Capacity Development, Stakeholder Development and Communications and PR Units of AFRINIC. Various questions and comments from our Members were addressed during this session; some of them are:

  1. When will voting be?
  2. When do you plan to phase out IPv4 completely?
  3. Most of the other countries have been adopting IPv6 with adoption up to 70% but Africa has only a 5% adoption 
  4. I am unsure what DNSSEC has to do with AFRINIC
  5. Last week there was an issue with RPKI on AFRINIC. New ROAs could not be created. Why was this?
  6. How do I set IPv6 on my server? Or do I need a separate DNS for IPv6 or can I use the same NS?
  7. AFRINIC needs an API. Hate to cut and paste on the website. When can we have an API, please?
  8. I believe we even had some policies get consensus, next stop was the Board which never happened. Can we now approve those policies now?
  9. Can we get an update on when the elections will be held and the process for voting.
  10. There was an email on rpd list that said these policies have lapsed.
  11. Is free training available at AFRINIC? 
  12. Perhaps the limitations of IPv4 addresses could be relaxed? 


The video of this presentation is available here.