What is AFRINIC Members Connect 2022

As part of its Jenga initiative, AFRINIC is organising the “AFRINIC Members Connect” from 22 to 24 November 2022. The Members Connect will bring together people from AFRINIC’s membership to discuss opportunities and ways to improve Internet in AFRINIC’s service region. This event will offer a forum where members share their experience on building and running networks all over the continent, participants will be able to learn how to apply best practices ...

Target Audience

This meeting is for AFRINIC Resource Members. AFRINIC Resource Members are Network and telecommunication operators in the AFRINIC service region. These members include Internet service providers(ISPs), telecommunication companies, government agencies, academic institutions, and other organizations. It is highly recommended that members attend this meeting with their staff from IT and non-IT functions.

No one is to be left behind...

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Daily Recap Day 2


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